Ghar ka khana - online home food delivery in noida | Homefoodi

12-10-2022 à 11:39:15
There is nothing more satisfying then “Ghar Ka Khana” after a tiring day. The feeling of having Mother's Food made with Love is just matchless. Home Cooked Food is extremely Healthy and perhaps the only Balanced Diet that one needs. Ghar Ka Khana is usually associated with a complete Nutritious meal platter comprising of Dal, Seasonal Vegetable, Tawa Chapatis, Steamed Rice accompanied with Green Salad and perhaps a Raita. In simple words, Ghar Ki Thali has become the most popular choice on most food delivery apps for people looking for freshly made delicious homely food. That being said “Ghar Ka Khana” is “Ghar Ka Khana” only if the Food is actually Homemade. Homefoodi serve 100% Homemade Food cooked in the Home Kitchens. With Over 100 Home Chefs spread across Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad, you can trust us for Home Made meals from every part of the Country. From North Indian Home Food to South Indian Home Food, we serve it all.
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